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Increasing the need for generating units to liquidity

Reza Rahmani, at a conference of governors throughout the country, pointed to a 30% increase in the stockpile of basic goods in the country, “It is necessary to meet governors every week for these two issues and ask for more specialized offices in these fields, and the Facilitating Headquarters And the market regulator will be held on a regular basis.

He stressed the necessity of delegating some powers to the provinces. In order to do better things, it is necessary to delegate some powers, including the registration of orders and the powers of the High Council of Mines to the provinces, and the specialized offices oversee the work better.

Expressing that today is the main goal of preserving production, Rahmani said: “Today’s conditions are special, units that have a bank debt but are active and active, should be supported in some way, but now the number of units that are due to debt in the possession of banks There are more than 2 thousand units.

“In the next 6 months, special production units should be supported, because if a unit is shut down, production and employment will be damaged,” he said.

The minister continued: There are cases in the industrial units that, even with the opposition to the law, we were able to work together and talk, resolve the issue and bring the unit back to production.

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