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? Which goods have dropped in imports

Imports of the industrial sector in the first five months of the current year show that 24 of the selected industrial goods, the value of imports of 18 items fell, and imports of 6 other items have also been positive.

Food and beverage, wood and wood products, with the exception of sofas, paper and paper products, non-metallic mineral products, basic metals, wastes and waste, are six industrial goods that in the first five months of this year grew by more than the same period last year. Have had.

On the other hand, tobacco products, coke and oil products, chemical products and materials, transportation equipment, carpets and handicrafts, textiles, clothing, leather goods and all types of footwear and leather dressing, publishing and printing, rubber products and Plastic products, fabricated metal products, except for machinery and equipment, accounting and accounting machinery, electrical machinery and apparatus, radio and television apparatus and communication equipment, medical and optical instruments, watches, motor vehicles, furniture and other articles, 18 items In the first 150 days of the current year, the industry has fallen sharply since the same period in 1396 Races are encountered.

According to information provided by the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade in the first five months of this year and among selected industrial products, wood and wood products, excluding soap, grew by 282.1%, waste and waste products grew by 166.2% and food products With 84.7 percent increase in drinking, the most significant imports were in value, medical and optical instruments, and clocks and watches with a decrease of 97.9 percent, office and accounting machinery with a drop of 96.4 percent, and radio and television and appliances With a 95.7% decline, the largest drop in imports of industrial goods in the first five months of the year compared to the same period last year D respectively.

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