Transfer of technical knowledge

R & D

Participation in research and development 60%
Investment participation 30%
Participation in the transfer of technical knowledge 40%

We invite all domestic and foreign companies and even real people to work in each of these sectors. If you wish, please complete the form below and send us a letter to start our colleague to improve and discover new challenges.

“Pishgam Sanaat Mobin” has always put a great effort in research and development. We believe using new technologies and methods and applying them to our product is an essential element to evolve and compete to maintain our position in the industry. We house a one of the most elaborate and equipped laboratory in the country.

As a part of our collaborations, Pishgam Sanaat Mobin offers solutions to design specific products which, is based on our partners’ standards and requirements. With respect to PSMCO’s long industrial experience, our research and development team is capable of designing new and unique parts to meet all costumer’s expectations.

Throughout the years of being involved in consecutive projects in automotive industry, our engineering and research and development team would also act as a consultant on your design projects to ensure the best possible outcome. Along with consulting, PSMCO, would also participate in manufacturing costumers’ products to provide the projects with necessary parts and maintaining repeated quality.